Working Women’s Voices to be Heard

Washington – While women consume half the U.S. population, they still struggle to be heard in the workplace. A new survey of women workers, union and non-union will be distributed for the purpose of understanding work and life issues.

“Discrimination is experienced by every women who takes home a smaller paycheck than her male counterpart doing the same job. It is felt by everyone who is denied a promotion because she wants to balance work and family. It hangs like a dark cloud over every victim of workplace harassment, discrimination and violence,” AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liza Shuler said.

Shuler is considered as “the highest-ranking woman in organized labor” working to ensure working women the chance to be heard in the workplace. She understands that too many U.S. women struggle professionally and socially.

“The labor movement is a movement for working women,” Shuler stated on Oct. 27. It was reported that “the union movement, now 45 percent female, is the largest women’s organization in the United States.”

The survey is located online at and available through December 4. It asks questions about employment conditions and family life.

Data provided will be published during Women’s History Month, March 2016.

Source: PAI