Working Women Win Big Twice at U.S. Supreme Court

Women are rejoicing at the Supreme Court’s decision to remove Texas’ restrictions on freedom of choice in reproductive rights. The decision set a precedent for lower courts to make similar decisions to reject laws excluding particular groups.

Home health care workers, a majority of which are women, minorities or both, have won their right to earn at least minimum wage and overtime pay. This ruling by the Supreme Court upheld the Obama Administrations’ Labor Department rules.

“For the first time since the Labor Department erroneously exempted these workers from the Fair Labor Standards Act in 1975, America’s home care workers—mostly low-income women of color—have unequivocal assurance that the law is on their side, and that at last, they have the fundamental federal fair-pay rights most other U.S. workers have long enjoyed,” added Christine Owens of the National Employment Law Project.

Women have two big wins this week and can now make their decisions about their bodies in Texas and earn a substantial wage as a home health care worker.

Source: PAI