Workers Stage Another Fight for $15 Rally

Low-paid workers across the nation organized another 1-day walkout demanding “$15 and a union” on April 14. Hundreds of thousands of fast food workers, retail workers, adjunct professors, health care workers and others participated in the protests in 320 cities.

The protests – especially against McDonald’s – spread to the Philippines and Brazil. The protests called attention to the fact that millions of U.S. workers are both underpaid and lack the best way to better themselves, union contracts.

Service Employees President Mary Kay Henry, whose union has funded and helped organize the Fight for 15 movement, hailed its recent wins — $15 an hour minimum wage laws in New York and California – but also said low-wage workers would remember who stood with them politically, and who didn’t. Sen. Bernie Sanders, Ind.-Vt., a Democratic presidential con-tender, backs the $15 minimum wage. Hillary Clinton backs $12.50.The GOP hopefuls don’t.

The marches also highlighted that the nature of the working class has changed, AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre and Jobs With Justice Director Sarita Gupta and other speakers told a session at Washington’s National Press Club.

Rather than a white-male dominated workforce, the new low-wage workforce is predominantly female and minority, the panelists said. That status often brings accompanying disrespect, devaluation and downgrading of workers by the corporate class, they added.

Source: PAI