Woodard and Spina Meet with Representatives from the Department of Education

Ending 2012 on a productive note, AFSA President Diann Woodard and Government Affairs Director Nick Spina met with Eric Waldo and Tyra Mariani, both deputy chiefs of staff for Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. The meeting was both a follow-up to the October 2012 AFSA General Executive Board meeting, where Eric Waldo met with AFSA’s leadership, and an opportunity to discuss other key education issues.

During the meeting, President Woodard emphasized the importance of meaningful input and involvement from organized principals when developing education policy, especially regarding evaluation systems and training programs for school leaders. Waldo and Mariani stated the Department of Education is making an effort to involve all stakeholders when considering education policy, and expressed interest in AFSA’s education priorities and recommendations for principal evaluation and training. AFSA is finalizing recommendations for these areas.

President Woodard also discussed the importance of:

  • a collaborative effort among all stakeholders, including teachers, parents, students, principals and superintendents;
  • preparing and training new leaders to fill the positions of retiring administrators; and
  • succession planning to ensure the well-being of schools after principals leave or retire.

Woodard urged the Department of Education to play a more active oversight role in monitoring how states spend federal education dollars and to hold them accountable for providing supports to schools.

AFSA thinks education policy—and public education—will be stronger and more effective through increased collaboration between school leaders and the department.