“Won’t Back Down” Misses the Mark

In the newly released movie, “Won’t Back Down,” Hollywood places all blame for the failings within the public school system on the shoulders of teachers and administrators, using them as a scapegoat for complicated, deep-rooted issues. Instead of providing an accurate portrayal of the issues, “Won’t Back Down” relies on an inaccurate, oversimplified stereotype of workers within the public school system to tell its story. While the stereotype may play to viewer’s emotions, it fails to recognize and show the tireless work, care, and passion that our teachers and administrators across the country dedicate toward educating our nations students each and everyday.

What the movie fails to address is that the heart of the issue is not a lack of passion or hard work from our teachers and administrators, but a lack of support and resources.

It is clear that the supporters of “Won’t Back Down” do not have the best interest at heart for those who are closest to the education system. We, at AFSA, refuse to support a film that so direly misrepresents our country’s educators and administrators.