UPDATE: Dr. Leonard Pugliese of CASA to Speak on Radio About Suspended Principals in Newark

Following the suspension of five principals in Newark, Dr. Leonard Pugliese, AFSA regional vice president and executive director of the City Association of Supervisors and Administrators (CASA), AFSA Local 20 in Newark will speak on The Chalk Radio on January 23 at 7 pm EST. To listen in to the show, visit www.blogtalkradio.com/chalkface.

Below is a direct account from Dr. Pugliese on what happened to these principals, which can also be found The Chalkface website here:

“This past Friday at mid day 5 Newark public school principals were informed via telephone that they were being suspended from their positions. They were ordered to report to the School District office to receive letters of suspension.  CASA immediately dispatched its legal counsel to represent each of the affected principals.  Four of the principals reported as ordered, the fifth principal did not go to the District office. It has been reported that the fifth principal underwent a medical event upon receiving the news of the suspension.

CASA counsel accompanied each of the four principals to meetings where they were given letters of suspension.  The letters indicated that they were being suspended pending an investigation concerning  an “incident that occurred on January 15, 2014.”  Neither by word or in writing, were the principals given any further information.

The common denominator for the four principals seems to be that on January 15, all four principals spoke at a community meeting regarding program cuts at their schools, including radical school modifications for the 2014-2015 school year. One school, a school that has demonstrated significant student achievement gains, is schedule to be closed in 2014-2015.  Apparently, speaking at a community meeting is the “incident” referenced in the suspension letters.

These suspensions have generated tremendous outrage from within Newark, throughout the state of NJ, and from around the country.  A movement is underway, a movement of great magnitude that likely cannot be stopped.
Communication between  the affected principals and CASA has been ongoing throughout the weekend. Each of the principals will meet with the CASA attorney again, and with CASA officials.   This is a fluid and dynamic situation. As soon as we get more information we will share it with chalkface.”