Unions fending off GOP Nevada state senate recall bid

LAS VEGAS—Nevada’s unions, having worked hard to successfully elect a narrow pro-worker majority in the state senate, now are battling a nasty Republican recall bid against three pro-worker senators, the Southern California Teamster reports. The endangered senators are Nicole Cannizzaro and Patricia Farley, both D-Las Vegas, and Joyce Woodhouse, D-Henderson, the co-majority whip.

“This is just a naked, scurrilous attempt to steal seats from good representatives who care about people,” the three Las Vegas Local Union secretary-treasurers, Larry Griffith, Tommy Blitsch and Chris Griswold, said in a joint statement.

Labor is urging everyone to jump aboard the “Decline to Sign” campaign. Activists are knocking on doors imploring Nevadans to decline to sign recall petitions against the senators. Phone bankers are also spreading the decline to sign message.

Source: PAI