Unions Come Together at AFL-CIO Convention

AFSA President Diann Woodard was joined by Executive Vice President Ernest Logan, and Secretary-Treasurer Len Pugliese, in attending the 2017 AFL-CIO Convention in St. Louis, MO Oct. 22-25.

This was a very important convention, where many issues, including Janus V. AFSCME, were deliberated. On the first day of the convention, the delegates unanimously re-elected Richard Trumka as President, Tefere Gebre as Executive Vice-President, and Liz Shuler as Secretary-Treasurer. In addition, President Woodard was reelected to serve on the AFL-CIO Executive Council.

The delegates also discussed and adopted a number of critical resolutions. President Woodard, as co-chair of the Committee on Women Workers, had the privilege to speak in support of Resolution 13: Freedom to Spend Time With Family, which stated, “Outdated workplace policies put working women in a particular bind, forcing them to make impossible choices between work, family and personal wellness. Women want new rules for an economy that works for all working people equally, and the freedom to build lives of value.”

EVP Logan spoke from the floor in support of Resolution 44: Resolution in Support of Public Education. Resolution 44 states, “We support stable, equitable, predictable and adequate funding for great public schools for every student in America, so that students have inviting classrooms, as well as well-prepared and supported educators. These educators include teachers, paraprofessionals and principals who provide a well-rounded and complete curriculum and create joy in learning.” EVP eloquently highlighted the importance of school leaders, that October is National Principals Month, and that full funding for Title II is critical.

To review the complete set of adopted resolutions, visit http://www.aflcio2017.org/adopted-resolutions


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