Unionists Back Clinton in NY Primary

NEW YORK — The 2016 New York primaries were wildly important for both parties this year. Fighting for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton both call the Empire state home. In the end, Hillary won the night with 57% of the vote over opponent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Exit polls showed that one out of three people who voted in the democratic primary were union workers. One out of four workers who voted in either primary on April 19th belonged to a union. New York’s strong alliance with unions could explain why union endorsements are so important to candidates.

AFSCME District Council 37, and IBEW Local 3 on Long Island, New York’s largest union coalition endorsed Hillary Clinton several days before voting night. It is hard to believe that the endorsement did not have some impact in the voting booths.

AFSCME crowned Hillary the most qualified candidate in the race. The 125,000 member union also thanked her for her long and steadfast allegiance with organized labor.

However, the union did not let candidate Bernie Sanders go unacknowledged. He too was thanked for his enduring commitment to unions and constant support. AFSCME announced how proud they were to support the Democratic Party. The group appreciated the two potential candidates’ mature and civil actions on stage. They participated in “respectful exchanges of ideas” while refusing to drag the other through the mud.

Hillary’s next venture in supporting unions is pushing for the elimination of tipped minimum wage. The tipped minimum wage has not changed in over 22 years. Tipped workers such as taxi drivers, waiters, and delivery people have been victims of wage theft for too long. There is a $5.12 difference between the tipped minimum wage and the average minimum wage, which employers are supposed to make up for. Most of the time they never do, leaving workers to suffer.

Source: PAI