Union Leaders Criticize Obama for Keeping ‘Cadillac Tax’

WASHINGTON— In 2020, President Obama’s “Cadillac tax” will become active. Not many people are pleased about this. Congress cited it was “dead on arrival”.


Congressmen from both sides have announced that they are so annoyed over the proposal, they will not even hold hearings concerning the matter. Obama has repeatedly ignored their pleas to lessen or completely eradicate the tax implication.


President of the AFL says, “a full repeal is the only solution”. The tax implements high healthcare costs for the middle class. With higher insurance costs, companies would increase the cost of deductibles for employees. Allowing this tax to be enforced would also give already too powerful pharmaceutical companies more power.


President of the Laborers said the cadillac tax “robs the people of what they rightfully earned”.


One group particularly not fond of the tax is teachers unions. They believe the cadillac tax will unravel all of the great strides they have made in the last several years regarding benefits.


Alongside the Cadillac tax, there were other plans announced in President Obama’s budget this week. One that teachers would approve of is the president’s push for universal preschool education. Half of public school children currently live in poverty. Providing universal preschool would give those children a more solid foundation to launch from in their educational careers.


Source: PAI