UFCW local representing Charlottesville grocery workers condemns ‘violent actions of bigots’

The board of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 400, which represents – among others — workers at four large supermarkets in Charlottesville, Va., unanimously condemned the “violent actions of bigots” and white supremacists who killed counterprotester Heather Heyer there on August 12.

Speaking for its 11,000 members in Maryland, D.C., and Virginia, Local 400 President Mark Federici said: “Hatred simply has no place in our union or in our country.” The board passed its resolution  at its regular meeting on August 15.

Heyer died when a white supremacist neo-Nazi rammed his car into a crowd of anti-hate demonstrators, killing her and injuring 19 others. Two Virginia state troopers, guarding the governor during his flight to Charlottesville, died when their helicopter crashed. Local 400’s resolution mourns the troopers, too, while recommitting itself to the fights for racial and economic justice and gender equality. The local has a large share of minority-group members.

Union leaders around the country and politicians of both parties also denounced the rightist violence, except for Republican President Donald Trump (see separate stories).

The union resolution not only mourns Heyer but said it fully supports “all counter-protesters who demonstrated against the hateful white supremacists” in Charlottesville.

And, remembering U.S. history, the local noted the “wealthy and powerful have always used the politics of hate, division, and racism to divide the working class and weaken unions.”

Local 400’s resolution also “condemns the racist, violent actions of Nazis, and white nationalists, and attendees of the ‘Unite the Right’ rally” and “rejects in the strongest possible terms the ideology of white supremacy.”

And it promised to “fight like hell for the living” – the phrase popularized by union crusader Mary Harris “Mother” Jones – but in Heyer’s name. Heyer was known for aiding the underdog, particularly people facing financial problems, in her job as a paralegal.

Source: PAI