UAW Unionizes with Alabama Plant Workers

PIEDMONT, Ala. – The workers at the Commercial Vehicle Group’s car seat plant celebrated a victory to unionize with the Auto Workers.

The reason for the unionization was to improve work conditions, lousy benefits, low wages and no rights on the job.

“I’ve never been part of a union before, but after years of scraping by while the company ignored our concerns, anyone could see that the only option we had left was to join together to demand the change we need to support ourselves and families,” said Tiffany Moore, a 34-year old mother of two.

The decision to finally unionize was due to the broken air conditioning and the management refusal to even consider worker complaints and demands to fix it. In addition to low wage and bad working conditions, such action needed to be taken.

The 89-45 tally among the 210 workers was a significant win for the union as it campaigns to unionize both car plants and car part makers in the South. The Commercial Vehicle Group workers make seats and parts in Alabama, ten other states and several foreign countries.

Source: PAI