U.S. High School Completion Rate Reaches Historic High

By: Mel Leonor

The share of U.S. adults age 25 and older who have high school degrees has reached 90 percent, the highest recorded level, according to new Census data.

The high school completion rate is up from 2000, when 84 percent of adults in that age group had received high school diplomas.

The newly released Census data also shows an increase in high school completion among minority groups and a narrowing of achievement gaps.

Among black adults, high school completion increased by 9 percentage points, from 78 percent to 87 percent. And among Hispanics, high school completion increased by roughly 14 percentage points from 57 percent to 71 percent.

High school completion among white adults increased by 6 percentage points.

Looking beyond high school, the share of U.S. adults 25 and older who hold bachelor’s degrees increased from 26 percent in 2000 to roughly 34 percent in 2017.

Also notable is that share of immigrants in the U.S. who held master’s, professional and doctoral degrees is 14 percent, compared to 13 percent among U.S. natives.

Source: Politico Pro