Trumka Seconds Obama Call For Quick Immigration Reform Passage

WASHINGTON —AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka seconded Democratic President Barack Obama’s Oct. 24 demand that Congress pass compre-hensive immigration reform by year’s end.  Trumka said it would benefit all workers.

“Our current system, which allows businesses that exploit workers through wage theft, lack of benefits and intimidation, is unfair to all workers and unfair to responsible businesses that play by the rules,” Trumka said.  “We stand firm in calling for a permanent solution that puts 11 million aspiring Americans on the path to citizenship.  But absent from the president’s speech was the mention of our current deportation crisis.  Every day more than 1,000 aspiring Americans are deported, mothers and fathers separated from children.  While we work toward a long-term solution, we urge the president to put an end to deportations.”