Too Small To Fail Launched

Hillary Clinton recently launched “Too Small to Fail,” a new initiative focusing on helping the development of children from ages 0-5. The Huffington Post reports that “Clinton will partner with Next Generation, a nonpartisan group that promotes scientific research about early childhood development.”

The new project includes improving early childhood education, researching children’s brain development and determining the role nutrition and health plays in that development. The purpose of the initiative is to let struggling families know that “we are all in this together” and that these families are not alone.

The initiative’s mission is to help and provide the necessary tools to struggling families, businesses and communities in order to promote improved development and a better future for America’s children. “One of the best investments we can make is to give our kids the ingredients they need to develop in the first five years of life,” Clinton said.

Building better homes and early childhood experiences has a huge impact on brain development. What children experience between the ages of 0-5 has a huge impact on the way their minds are shaped. This is why a healthy start is imperative. Children need to be taught at a young age to be excited about learning and nutrition.


To learn more about the initiative, check out the website: