Time to order the AFSA Leadership Award!

The time has come to once again order the AFSA Leadership Award!

This award should be given to a student who demonstrated outstanding leadership skills throughout the school year or who achieved and helped others strive for exemplary academic performance. The award is also a great opportunity to recognize a student who may have struggled in the past but put forth a notable effort to achieve higher personal and academic standards this year.

The AFSA Leadership Award is an excellent way to acknowledge student accomplishments and to represent AFSA as an organization that encourages student success and growth inside and outside of the classroom. As school leaders, AFSA understands how crucial it is to recognize and support students in their achievements.

Please let us know how many copies of the one-page award certificate you would like by May 1. Please place your orders, which are free of charge, by emailing Nick Spina at nspina@AFSAadmin.org or by calling 202-986-4209.