Thousands of Verizon Workers Go on Strike Nationwide

Conversations between Verizon and its workers that have been going on for the last ten months recently came to a boiling point. Workers threatened to take down the company if an agreement was not reached, and on Wednesday, April 13 they began their strike at 6 AM. Almost 40,000 Verizon employees did not clock into work that morning, working towards something more important.

Verizon has repeatedly refused workers negotiations regarding better wages, health benefits, and improved working conditions. Recently, Verizon has made moves to retract their no lay off agreement for workers hired after 2003, put a freeze on pensions after 30 years of working with the company, and began to explore the possibility of moving many Verizon jobs to Mexico or the Philippines.

January to March of 2016, Verizon made $1.8 billion dollars a month. Last year, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdams earned $18 million. $18 million is 200 times the amount the average Verizon worker receives annually. $13.5 billion were paid in dividends to shareholders last year.

However, the company says raising wages in the slightest way would bankrupt the company. Verizon also blames financial constraints for their inability to hire an adequate amount of workers to expand their fios program. Instead, Verizon forces some of its employees to work two or more months away from their families to build the FIOs network.

2016 Presidential hopeful and Senator Bernie Sanders believes that Verizon is launching an attack against working families. Strikers say they are protest to protect their families. Reports have said that if Verizon wins this fight, no working family in America is safe as this will be the beginning of many more large corporations who will take advantage of its workers.

Verizon workers are responsible for the extreme revenues officials at Verizon enjoy every year. It is about time Verizon workers are compensated for their hard work.

Source: PAI