Thoughts and Prayers Are Not Enough Anymore

A message from Ernest Logan, AFSA Executive Vice President:

Like you, I am heartbroken following the terrible massacre in Parkland, FL. AFSA joins you, and the rest of the nation, in mourning the 17 people killed, including children and staff.

We know this is simply unacceptable, and words, thoughts and prayers, are not enough anymore. We have witnessed tragedy after tragedy, from Columbine, to Sandy Hook, to now Parkland.

That is why AFSA is joining together with students, teachers, parents and communities on April 20, the anniversary date of the Columbine High School shooting, for a National Day of Action Against Gun Violence in Schools.

As school leaders, it is our core mission to provide our students and staff, with a safe and secure learning environment. We must make our voice heard, and I hope you will do so on April 20th.

In addition, AFSA is a founding member of the National Coalition to Support Grieving Students. I invite you to visit the coalition website, There you will find resources to use on how to talk to your students about school shootings, and what they are hearing on the news.

Thank you for your leadership during this time, and for joining the action on April 20.