The Power of Unions Win in LA Strike

Statement on the Resolution of the L.A. Teachers’ Strike

Ernest Logan, President
American Federation of School Administrators

January 22, 2019

“We are pleased that leaders of the Los Angeles Teachers Union and the school district have reached an agreement that addresses many critical issues and will allow classes to resume. This breakthrough should make it possible once again for teachers to teach, administrators to supervise, and students to learn.

The teachers’ strike and the resulting agreement clearly show the power that a united union can have for the people they represent and the students and families they serve. But what happened in the nation’s second largest school district also shows that there is broad support for public education. The groundswell of support we saw for public education in L.A. – from teachers, administrators, and parents, as well as political and community leaders – demonstrates that the value of public schools is recognized and valued.

While we must still review the details of the agreement, it appears that it offers important lessons for the nation. It demonstrates that we must invest more in our public schools, work to pay our educators better, provide the support students and teachers need, hold charter schools accountable, and strengthen the voice of educators. It has the potential to teach school districts nationwide about the commitment we must make to our public schools.

We are proud that a strong and united union played the key role in forging a new day for public education. And we look forward to working with our colleagues in Los Angeles and throughout the country to continue the fight for public education nationwide.”