Testing and Evaluation Resolution Passed

A resolution on Testing and Evaluation, presented to the convention, among other things, called for supporting the use of growth models and multiple measures of student performance in state accountability systems and the use of assessment data to improve student outcomes.

The resolution also called for AFSA only to support legislation and regulations that lead to the development of principal evaluation systems where no more than 25% of the evaluations are based on the results of high stakes assessments and where the evaluation system is collaboratively developed with the input of principals, is designed to measure multiple domains of effective school leadership, provides meaningful feedback to individual principals, is based on multiple measures, and takes into account student growth as well as evidence of effective school leadership practice.

The resolutions made clear that AFSA recognizes the value of assessments in determining whether individual students and statistical subgroups, among them English Language Learners, are learning on grade level, to inform learning and to target resources to those students and subgroups that need additional assistance to grasp key concepts; and

But it made clear that AFSA objects to the use of high stakes assessments as the major basis for evaluating individual teachers and principals and the attendant consequences that such assessments drive curricular choices, leading schools and districts to reduce course offerings in art, music, physical education, CTE and other academic areas critical to ensuring the development of well-rounded students.

It therefore called on AFSA to support legislation that will restrict the federal government from imposing assessment requirements on the individual states, and to support the continuity of state driven assessments in key subject areas and differentiated state accountability systems that capture how schools are performing so that curriculum and instruction can be aligned to best meet the needs of students; and further resolved that ASFSA supports legislation that will lead to the reduction of the numbers of annual state assessments and that will promote wider school and district course offerings,

The resolution passed.