Teachers Win Big in California Courts

The California Supreme Court ruled in favor of teachers in a 4-3 vote to uphold the lower court’s ruling to back the tenure law.

The right wing said the tenure law deprived the students of equal protection of the law, by denying them their state constitutional right to a quality education.

“All sides agree that grossly ineffective teachers substantially undermine the ability of (a) child to succeed in school,” the state Supreme Court dissenters said.

However, the state Supreme Court majority said the statutes are not the cause of ineffective teachers that might have caused constitutional infringement it’s the staffing decisions.

Teachers and their supporters such as, the American Federation of Teachers, the NEA, the Service Employees, several notable civil rights groups and others, the state and the California cheered the majority’s ruling.

“It is now well past time that we move beyond damaging lawsuits like Vergara that demonize educators and begin to work with teachers to address the real issues caused by the massive underinvestment in public education in this country,” Randi Weingarten, AFT president.

Source: PAI