Take Action: Fund Our Future

As principals we know that virtually no institution rivals the importance of America’s public schools to our communities, economy and democracy. They bring neighbors together, set students on paths of opportunity and instill a spirit of civic engagement in each new generation.

Yet, over the past decade, we have witnessed a ruthless campaign, at every level of government, to gut public education. That twisted effort already has inflicted immense harm on our public school system. In 25 states, schools have less per-student funding than before the Great Recession. And this past year, teachers in 38 states made less than they did in 2009.

In response, the AFT has launched Fund Our Future, an aggressive campaign to increase investment in public schools and colleges and universities at the local, state and national level. AFSA has joined hands with the mission and asks you to take action.

“If all of us that work in education are not the first ones to speak-up and take action, why should we expect others to advocate on our behalf,” said AFSA President Ernest Logan.

“Every public school should be well-funded, safe and welcoming—a place where families want to send their children, where teachers want to teach and where students find joy in learning,” the AFL-CIO Executive Council declared last week. “The AFL-CIO stands shoulder to shoulder with educators, students and communities demanding a reordering of priorities.”