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HOFFA: Mich. GOP Legislators Trying To Ban Paid Sick Leave

DETROIT —Right Wing GOP Michigan state legislators are trying to ban paid sick leave in the state through a backdoor method – telling cities and counties they can’t pass ordinances ordering it. In an op-ed in the Detroit News, Hoffa, a Michigander, adds that “It’s enough to make you sick.” The proposed state law, he said, would bar the cities […]

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Advocates Start Making Case For Minimum Wage Hike

STOCKBRIDGE, Ga. —For seven years, Carolle Fleurio has been a cook at a family restaurant in Stockbridge, Ga.  It’s a nice place, she says, where people come in to enjoy the atmosphere and the meals she cooks. But one thing wrong with her job, Fleurio adds, is the pay.  She makes $8 an hour.  That’s only slightly more than the […]

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