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Women’s March Stands Against Trump

As Mary Lewis of Mars, Pa., marched down Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C. with more than 100,000 other women – and quite a few men, too – she carried a handmade sign that symbolized what this year’s Women’s March seemed to be all about: More resistance to Donald Trump. Her sign showed three well-drawn hand-colored figures, labelled “The Three Stooges.” The […]

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Low-Income Working Women Raise Pay Issue at White House

WASHINGTON –Carmella Salinas believes in kids – in her own and in teaching other peoples’ kids, too. But she doesn’t get paid enough for it.

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White House Summit Focuses on Raising Incomes For Working Women, Families

WASHINGTON –Chicago Wal-Mart worker Bene’t Holmes intends to tell her story on June 23 to fellow Chicagoan Barack Obama. He won’t like what he hears.

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Pelosi On Women’s Economic Agenda: ‘Don’t Agonize, Organize’

Nancy Pelosi has a message for the Coalition of Labor Union Women, other unionists and women nationwide who want to better themselves economically through federal legislation. “Don’t agonize, organize,” the House Democratic leader from California says. Pelosi issued that demand during an hour-long national conference call with 16,000 people on Jan. 29, discussing the Women’s Economic Agenda first unveiled last […]

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