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President Diann Woodard’s Statement On Wisconsin Ruling

AFSA applauds Dane County Judge Juan Colas’ decision. This ruling is not only a victory for working families in Wisconsin, but it substantiates what AFSA and workers across the nation have been saying since this law was passed – that Gov. Scott Walker’s unabashed efforts to categorically attack workers, by denying local and school employees their constitutional collective bargaining rights is in fact, unconstitutional. Perhaps the Governor would benefit from a refresher course in civics, because his immoral, unjust and illegal power grab is precisely why we need the system of checks and balances that we have in place.

We continue to stand by our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin with a renewed sense of energy as we see what is possible through our collective activism, and continue to make our voices heard for what is right.

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AFL-CIO Sees Wisconsin as Springboard for Repositioning

The AFL-CIO is poised for action in response to a series of coordinated Republican attacks against public employees that threatens the very existence of unions’ collective bargaining rights.

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Raising Our Voices in Solidarity to Defend Our Rights

Originally published in the 2011 Spring edition of The Leader

There comes a time in each of our professional lives when our mettle as leaders and our commitment to quality education for children is tested severely. For educators in Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida and numerous other states, that moment is upon them.

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