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July Jobless Rate at 6.2%

WASHINGTON—The U.S. unemployment rate rose 0.1 percent in July, to 6.2 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. A separate Labor Department survey said businesses claimed to create 209,000 new jobs, net, last month. The number of unemployed rose by 197,000 last month, to 9.67 million, while another 131,000 people found jobs, BLS added.

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Jobless Rate in May at 6.3%; Private Firms Claim to Create 216K Jobs

U.S. unemployment was 6.3% in May, unchanged from the month before, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said. Private companies claimed to create 216,000 new jobs, a separate BLS survey showed, while governments added 1,000.

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Jobless Rate Down to 7.3% in August EPI: ‘It’s Not Time to Take Our Foot Off the Gas’

WASHINGTON—The nation’s unemployment rate declined 0.1% in August, to 7.3%, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said.  A separate survey showed businesses claimed to create 169,000 new jobs last month. The data led pro-business economists to predict the Federal Reserve Board would start pulling back from some of the measures it instituted over the last few years to boost the economy […]

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