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On Trade, It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over…And Sometimes Not Even Then

When it comes to enforcing trade rules against subsidized foreign imports, keep in mind the quote from that great sage, Yogi Berra: “It ain’t over till it’s over.” And sometimes not even then.

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Unionists Ignore Downpour, Fight Fast Track

WASHINGTON –Come hell or high water – in this case, the latest in D.C.’s year of downpours – hundreds of unionists gathered on Capitol Hill on May 7 to campaign against “fast-track” trade legislation and the anti-worker trade treaties the measure would lead to. And after hearing a parade of pro-worker lawmakers denounce the pacts and fast-track, the crowd, exhorted […]

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Trumka to Obama: Fast-Track is Dead; Construct Pro-Worker Trade Policy

WASHINGTON –Declaring presidential “fast-track” trade authority dead, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is challenging Democratic President Barack Obama to construct a new pro-worker U.S. trade policy, as part of larger pro-worker economic policy. In a major speech on fast-track and trade, and in Q&A afterwards, Trumka called the president’s trade plan “dead on arrival” in the U.S. Senate because then-Senate Finance […]

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