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Manipulating test score release: “First, you’ve got to get mad!”

Originally appeared on Bob Braun’s Ledger Why is it important to write about Cami Anderson’s decision to manipulate the release of the latest results of state test scores? Here is why: Imagine your life, your livelihood, is based on a set of numbers over which you have no or, at best, very little control.  Depending on how those numbers go, you will […]

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New Study Finds Test Scores Not a Valuable Way to Evaluate Teachers

Placing more than 50 percent weight on test scores is not a reliable way to determine a teacher’s effectiveness, according to the final installment of the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) study released in January 2013. Over a three-year period, the MET project gathered 3,000 volunteers, all teachers, across seven districts in the United States, from Denver to Dallas to […]

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