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Teacher Strikes Help Entire Community

The wave of teachers’ walkouts and strikes for almost a year – forced on the workers by penny-pinching and tax-cutting GOP administrations and politicians – represent “successful examples” of community-based action where victories benefit everyone, says Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten. That’s because those walkouts, in West Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arizona, Denver, Los Angeles, Oakland, among Chicago charter school teachers […]

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Fast Food Workers Take Next Step, Create National Union

VILLA PARK, Ill.–Fast food workers nationwide, realizing their 1-day strikes did not convince employers to yield on giving them a living wage, are taking the next step: Creating a national union, uniting their local campaigns for living wages and the right to organize. The 1,300-1,500 delegates from fast food chains around the country set that goal in their meeting in late July in the Chicago suburb of Villa Park – near the Elmhurst corporate headquarters of the largest fast food chain, McDonald’s.

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For Steelworkers, One Lockout Stops, Another Starts

PITTSBURGH–Summer seems to be a season when some employers turn nasty, as the Steelworkers found in the last few weeks. That’s because a lockout of one local stopped – with the unionists’ win – as the calendar turned to August, while another started.

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