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Second Indiana Judge Bounces State Right-To-Work Law

CROWN POINT, Ind.–As far as Indiana’s so-called “right-to-work” law, the legal question now becomes “Will it be three strikes and you’re out?” That’s because a second Lake County, Ind., circuit court judge, George Paras, acting on a challenge from the Steelworkers, has bounced the law, again citing the state constitution. Appeals of both that case and a previously successful challenge, by the Operating Engineers, are headed for a state Supreme Court hearing in Indianapolis on Sept. 4.

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For Steelworkers, One Lockout Stops, Another Starts

PITTSBURGH–Summer seems to be a season when some employers turn nasty, as the Steelworkers found in the last few weeks. That’s because a lockout of one local stopped – with the unionists’ win – as the calendar turned to August, while another started.

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World Trade Organization Gives Steelworkers, U.S. Big Win Vs. Chinese Export Restrictions On Key Industrial Materials

PITTSBURGH—In what the Steelworkers say is a big win, the World Trade Organization ruled for the U.S., in a complaint the union originally brought, outlawing Chinese export restrictions on valuable industrial materials: Rare earths, tungsten and molybdenum. Steelworkers President Leo Gerard and Obama administration U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman jointly announced the WTO ruling on August 7.

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Op-Ed: Directly Destroying Democracy

By Leo Gerard, President, the United Steel Workers In the olden days, buying votes was a risky business.  That’s not because the purchaser faced felony charges.  No, the real peril was that the guy bribing voters wouldn’t get what he wanted. The process was too indirect.  The man with “walking around money” would tell voters what he wanted them to […]

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10,000 PEOPLE PARADE through Milwaukee on May Day, demonstrating for rights for undocumented workers.  It was one of 70 such marches, with heavy union participation, nationwide

Back To Bargaining Table For Steel Workers, Cat In Milwaukee?

MILWAUKEE —It may be back to the bargaining table for the Steel Workers and Caterpillar in Milwaukee, a day after the local union’s members rejected the heavy equipment firm’s 6-year contract with a total wage freeze – and one week after the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) handed the local a win against the company. The workers, members of USW […]

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Steelworkers, Auto Workers, AFL-CIO Oppose Letting Japan Into Trade Pact

WASHINGTON —The Steelworkers, the Autoworkers and the AFL-CIO formally oppose letting Japan join talks on the latest controversial “free trade” treaty, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. All three say Japan’s protectionism, currency manipulation, and its refusal to open its vehicle markets to imports disqualify it from the TPP. The TPP, a top Obama administration trade cause, would create yet another “free trade” […]

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