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L.A. Port Drivers Return To Work; Mayor Promises Probe of Abuses

Ending a 5-day forced strike, some 120 port drivers in Los Angeles-Long Beach returned to work after a June 12 vote, when Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti promised to probe the job abuses that forced them onto the picket lines.

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Public Pensions: LA, Illinois Both Try Cuts, End Up in Legal Tangles

When it comes to the thorny topic of funding public workers’ pensions, the city of Los Angeles and the state of Illinois provide a common theme: Hurt workers like Christine Bondi. Bondi, of Ontarioville, Ill., has worked for the Illinois Secretary of State for 25 years.  She helps people get drivers licenses as a customer service rep.  She used to […]

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AFL-CIO Convention Preview: Labor in for a Major Remake

LOS ANGELES—When thousands of delegates to the AFL-CIO Convention gather in Los Angeles on September 8, they’ll face a big task: Remaking the labor movement to make it a movement of workers, not just unions. And that means not only changing the labor federation’s structure, but also its goals, its methods and even its definition of who it includes. The […]

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