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Obama Fills Out NLRB Slate With GOP Nominees; House To Vote To Hamstring Board

WASHINGTON —Democratic President Barack Obama filled out his slate of nominees to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) by nominating boss-side lawyers Phillip Miscimarra of Chicago and Harry Johnson III of Los Angeles to the two seats reserved for the minority Republicans on the 5-member panel, and nominating board chairman Mark Gaston Pearce, a Democrat, for a new term. But […]

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Over Labor, Dem Opposition, House Narrowly Oks Anti-NLRB Bill

WASHINGTON —Over labor and Democratic opposition, the GOP-run House narrowly approved legislation (HR1120) to try to shut down the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). But the measure, passed 219-209 on the afternoon of April 12, has virtually no chance in the Democratic-run Senate and Democratic President Barack Obama’s Office of Management and Budget has already declared it would recommend he […]

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Harry Kelber, Labor Activist, Agitator, Journalist, Dies at 98

NEW YORK —Labor activist, agitator and journalist Harry Kelber, longtime writer and editor of The Labor Educator and crusader/critic of AFL-CIO leaders, practices and perpetuation in office, died March 31 in New York City. He was 98. Starting as a union printer in 1939, Kelber carved out a career for himself in New York liberal and sometimes radical unionism, challenging […]

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Top Union Leader: Labory Secretary Nominee Perez Can Bring Labor Together

A top union leader who worked closely with Thomas Perez, President Barack Obama’s nominee to be the nation’s next Secretary of Labor, says Perez can bring labor and progressive firms together, as Perez did in Maryland.

Creating such alliances is one reason Perez “was a great secretary” of Labor, Licensing and Regulation in Maryland, adds Fred D. Mason Jr., president of the Maryland-D.C. AFL-CIO, the umbrella organization for the state’s unions.

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Statement From President Diann Woodard on the Nomination of Thomas Perez for Labor Secretary

AFSA applauds President Obama’s nomination of Thomas Perez to be the next Secretary of the Department of Labor.

Perez, currently the assistant attorney general for civil rights, has a long and proven track record of supporting the rights of workers and those striving to enter the middle class. He has also championed civil rights issues throughout his career, and fought hard to protect and strengthen voters’ rights.

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Trumka: AFL-CIO To Probe New Ways Of Organizing

The AFL-CIO will probe new ways of organizing to meet the changes in the economy since the labor federation was founded in 1955 and since labor law was written 77 years ago, federation President Richard Trumka says.

Trumka made that promise in a major speech in Chicago on March 7 to the Conference on New Models for Worker Representation, hosted by the University of Illinois at Chicago. It preceded a mass rally, with union leaders and Chicago-area labor groups, for immigration reform – the opening event in a national campaign.

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Labor Department Celebrates Centennial

Buried in all the Washington flak over sequestration and budget cuts, the Labor Department celebrated its centennial on March 4.
The event was marked with films, interactive videos, a website history of DOL and congratulations from President Barack Obama – who has yet to nominate a permanent replacement for Secretary Hilda Solis. She retired in January.

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Labor Details More Reasons for Big Immigration Campaign

If you want yet another reason the nation needs immigration reform, walk into your child’s elementary school classroom.

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Statement by AFSA President Diann Woodard on Resignation of Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis

As a daughter of a union worker, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis fought tirelessly to protect, preserve and strengthen workers’ rights. She refused to allow strained state and local budgets to serve as an excuse for attacking public employees’ collective bargaining rights, their benefits, and their retirement security.

As a product of public schools, Secretary Solis never forgot the importance of providing all children with equal access to a high quality education, understanding that education is the key to our nation’s future prosperity. She recognized that strong leadership is a critical element to a successful school and that school leaders must be fully supported in their efforts to implement policies in the reform movement.

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