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British Columbia Labor Board Official: IKEA Broke Provincial Labor Law Vs. Teamsters

VANCOUVER, B.C.–The giant modern furniture company, Ikea, broke British Columbia provincial labor law in its now-16-month-long dispute with Teamsters Local 213, a B.C. labor board official ruled. Ikea’s stand has forced its Vancouver workers to strike.

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Obama To Crack Down On Federal Contractors Who Break Labor Laws

WASHINGTON–Democratic President Barack Obama will soon sign a wide-ranging executive order cracking down on all federal contractors who break labor laws, including collective bargaining rights, safety and health laws and wage and hour laws, the White House press office announced on July 31.

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Scholar Floats Radical Plan: Repeal Most of National Labor Relations Act, Turn Unions, Workers Loose in Streets, Courts

WASHINGTON –The National Labor Relations Act is so weak, hamstrung, antiquated and encumbered with pro-business provisions and court rulings that Congress should repeal almost all of it and turn unions and workers loose in the streets and the courts, a labor law scholar says. Marion Crain, co-author of a new book on economic inequality and fragility – of workers and […]

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