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Inequality and the USA: A Nation in Denial?

JACKSON HOLE, Wyom. –America’s top central bankers didn’t make time for inequality at their annual hobnob in secluded Jackson Hole, Wyom., even though, for the first time, activists brought the issue right to their doorstep there. Over in Germany, the world’s Nobel Prize winners in economics did address the issue – but few Americans noticed.

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Op-Ed: A Better Yardstick for Measuring Inequality

By Sam Pizzigati, Editor, Too Much We always get what we measure.  And if we measure inequality with a yardstick that only wonks can decipher, we’ll end up with a society too confused about inequality to do anything meaningful about it. Just 85 of the world’s billionaires, the anti-poverty group Oxfam reported earlier this year, hold as much wealth as […]

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Dear Mr. President: Now, Walk the Walk

An open letter to the President of the United States: “Dear Mr. President: “Your speech the other day, blasting income inequality and laying out a road map to close the gap between the rich and the rest of us, was something we’ve long waited to hear.  And we’re glad that you said you’ll make that road map a priority for […]

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Obama: Collective Bargaining One Way to Close Income Inequality

WASHINGTON —In a wide-ranging speech on the economy, President Barack Obama took sharp aim at income inequality, citing the growing gulf between the rich and the rest of us.  And he declared that strengthening collective bargaining is one way to close that gap. But the Democratic president didn’t stop there.  Since Republicans hate his solutions, he challenged them to come […]

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