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Op-Ed: Income Inequality Makes You…Shorter? And Other Odds And Ends From The World Of The Rich

Can greater income inequality make you shorter? Well, we wouldn’t be surprised, given past studies that show poorer health outcomes for the poor. But apparently the evidence is more direct – and long-lived.

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Income Inequality Comes to the Supreme Court, Courtesy Justice Sotomayor

Income inequality has come to the U.S. Supreme Court, at least in an informal way, courtesy of Justice Sonia Sotomayor. And she’s worried about its negative impact not only on the U.S. now, but on future generations.

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White House Summit Focuses on Raising Incomes For Working Women, Families

WASHINGTON –Chicago Wal-Mart worker Bene’t Holmes intends to tell her story on June 23 to fellow Chicagoan Barack Obama. He won’t like what he hears.

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Op-Ed: A New Take on Income Inequality and Crime

By Sam Pizzigati Editor, Too Much Do crime and inequality run together?  Sociologists, psychologists, and epidemiologists — scientists who study the health of populations — have over recent decades released serious research that shows a strong connection. But most of this research has been what investigators call “cross-sectional.” Researchers have compared different places and found these places — be they […]

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