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Solving Health Care Challenges: “The Doctor Will See You Now” — At Plumbers Local 98’s Union Hall

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich.–The doctor is in….at the union hall. Plumbers Local 98 has joined those forward-thinking building trades unions on the cutting edge that take control of their healthcare challenges. As part of Local 98’s benefit package, covered members now have their own medical clinic sponsored by the Plumbers Local 98 Insurance Fund: The Activate Health and Wellness Center, in Madison Heights, Mich.

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High Court Legalizes ‘Free Riders’ When Government and Individuals Jointly Employ Caregivers

WASHINGTON —In a decision that will rob unions of millions of dollars and thousands of members, the U.S. Supreme Court voted 5-4 to legalize “free riders” in cases where state or local governments and individuals jointly employ caregivers. The court split along partisan lines, with all five Republican-appointed male justices in the majority and the four other justices – Elena […]

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Unite Here Backs Up Letter to Lawmakers with Detailed Criticism of ACA’s Impact on Health Plans

WASHINGTON –Unite Here, whose president, D Taylor, previously urged lawmakers to fix the Affordable Care Act’s impact on multi-employer health care plans, has backed the critique with a detailed report laying out the negative effects on plans that now, union leaders say, cover 20 million people nationwide. Predictably, Right Wing media seized on Unite Here’s analysis as yet another reason […]

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