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Senate GOP Filibuster Kills “Bring The Jobs Home” Bill

WASHINGTON–Once again, a Senate Republican filibuster killed a pro-worker bill, the Bring The Jobs Home Act, to extend tax credits to firms which do just that. By a 54-42 vote on July 30, lawmakers tried to cut off the GOP talkathon against the Bring The Jobs Home Act. The measure would yank tax deductions from firms that off-shore U.S. jobs while extending a 20 percent federal tax credit to those that return off-shored jobs to our shores. Senators needed 60 votes to cut off the debate, and didn’t get them.

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Union Leaders Pushing Senators Hard To Curb Filibusters Now

WASHINGTON—Fed up and frustrated with blocked legislation and particularly with trashed nominees for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), union leaders are pushing senators hard to curb the chamber’s abused filibusters, now.

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Panel Oks Perez As Labor Secretary; Latino Coalition Mobilizes Vs. Filibuster Threat

WASHINGTON—By a 12-10 party-line vote, the Democratic-run Senate Labor Committee approved top Justice Department official Thomas Perez to be the nation’s next Secretary of Labor.

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