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Obama Praises Federal Workers, But Forecasts More Fights Over Pay

MINNEAPOLIS –Democratic President Barack Obama is again praising federal workers, while forecasting more fights with Congress’ controlling Republicans over those employees’ pay and working conditions. “It will be a tough negotiation just because everything is a tough negotiation in Washington right now,” he says.

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Union Leaders to Lawmakers: Pay Freezes, Furloughs Hit Federal Workers’ Morale

WASHINGTON –A 3-year pay freeze, unpaid furloughs, sequestration and congressionally ordered arbitrary increases in federal workers’ pension payments – with no increased payouts planned in the future – hit federal workers’ morale, top union leaders say. And that’s a problem not just for the workers and their unions, but for the country, since workers with low morale are more likely […]

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AFGE Launches Pro-Federal Worker Video Campaign

WASHINGTON–The American Federation of Government Employees is launching a year-long video campaign emphasizing federal workers’ contributions to U.S. society and well-being. The “I am AFGE” campaign of 2-minute videos stars the workers and is designed to counter political stereotypes.  For at least 30 years, candidates of both parties have run against “Washington,” insulted workers as overpaid time-servers, and often cut […]

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