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Fast Food Workers Walk Out Nationwide

Fast food workers walked out on Sept. 4, leaving jobs at McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Domino’s and Wendy’s restaurants in more than 150 cities. They demand a living wage of $15 an hour and the right to organize without employer interference, firing, harassment and labor law-breaking. In some cities, home health care workers joined them.

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Fast Food Workers “Fight For Fifteen”

Fast food workers from New York to Rome, disgusted by low wages, lack of health insurance and employer wage theft, staged worldwide walkouts on May 15 from McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Wendy’s, Yum! chain restaurants and other employers. Walkouts occurred in 150 U.S. cities and 33 abroad.  Unions, including the Service Employees and the AFL-CIO, enthusiastically backed the walkouts.  The […]

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Fast-Food Workers Plan to Take Demonstrations Global on May 15

NEW YORK –Fast food workers around the U.S., energized by past protests and fed up with low wages, erratic hours, no benefits and management wage theft, plan to take their protests global on May 15 in their latest 1-day walkout. Demonstrations are planned for New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and 147 other U.S. cities and also on five other continents, […]

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Study: More Than Half of Fast-Food Workers Need Public Aid

NEW YORK—Some 52% of the nation’s fast food workers are paid so little and have so few benefits that they need some form of public aid – from housing subsidies to Medicaid to food stamps – to get by, a new study says. Using census data, the National Employment Law Project calculates taxpayer aid for the fast food workers at […]

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Fast Food Workers March on White House, Pick Up Senate Support

WASHINGTON —Some 175 low-paid – and sometimes unpaid – workers in fast food restaurants in federal buildings marched on the White House on Sept. 25, demanding Democratic President Barack Obama issue an executive order solving the pay problems. The workers, who toil for contractors who operate fast food restaurants at the federally owned Reagan Building a few blocks away from […]

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Retail workers in Chicago join the protest of low-wage workers nationwide, marching through the Macy’s store in the city’s fancy Water Tower Place. 
Photo by Michael Utrecht, a Chicago labor activist, via Twitter

Tens of Thousands of Fast-Food Workers Stage 1-Day Strike

From Austin to Chicago, from New York to San Diego, tens of thousands of fast food workers nationwide – along with some retail workers – staged a 1-day strike August 29 for higher pay, respect on the job and the right to organize into unions without management interference. Their walkouts closed McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and other fast food chains […]

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