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Statement by AFSA President Diann Woodard on Senator Tom Harkin’s Retirement in 2015

When Senator Harkin retires at the close of the 113th Congress the Senate will lose a true champion for workers’ rights and education.

As a passionate advocate for improving public education and health care access, and as a staunch supporter of working families and their retirement security, Senator Harkin will forever be recognized for what he accomplished throughout his four decades of distinguished service.

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President Woodard Joins Michigan Coalition To Oppose Race to the Top Finalist

Out of the 61 finalists for Race to the Top funding, the newly created “Education Achievement Authority” (EAA) was the only listed finalist from Michigan, which will be responsible for running the lowest performing five percent of the state’s schools. President Woodard joined a coalition made up of educators, parents, and members of the community to send a letter to President Obama and Secretary Duncan opposing this selection.

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President Diann Woodard: Why I Support Obama

I recount my experience to help you understand what’s at stake today for the futures of so many more little children that may be found “playing” school, doctor, actor, or business man – children dreaming of a chance to realize their dreams. Like so many of us, President Obama believes in every little child’s dream. He understands what it means “to promote the general welfare” that is the founding vision of our democracy.

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Statement by President Diann Woodard on President Obama’s Acceptance Speech

Last night, President Barack Obama made a powerful case for his reelection this November and as educators, we applaud the president’s focus and commitment to improving education. Throughout his four years in office, he has supported record investments in education. His jobs plan will save or create up to 400,000 education jobs, and also modernize our aging schools. In the president’s words, “teachers must inspire; principals must lead; parents must instill a thirst for learning, and students, you’ve got to do the work.” We could not agree more.

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Making The Right Decision

This November, we face an important decision about the direction of our country. It is not a decision about advancing one political party over another. It is about advancing a movement of working men and women to help move America forward.

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Statement by President Diann Woodard In Response to “The Ripple Effect” Report on Principal Effectiveness

In response to the May 1 report “The Ripple Effect” released by the American Institutes for Research (AIR) on principal effectiveness, AFSA President Diann Woodard released the following statement…

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Response to President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Proposal

While we are still reviewing the document in its entirety, we must express concern with many of the education investments that appear based on competition. For example, the Race To The Top program rewards the winners with temporary funding increases and inherently creates losers. Sadly, the schools that do not win these competitions are often the very ones that need the greatest support.

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AFSA’s Letter to the Editor Published in The Hill

On Jan. 25, 2012, The Hill published a letter AFSA submitted in response to Juan Williams’ op-ed in support of school choice.

From Diann Woodard, president of the American Federation of School Administrators

The failure of our education system lies not within the walls of the public schools that serve children in crisis, but with the policymakers and policies in place that ignore the fundamental causes of low student achievement: unfair funding formulas, poverty and unproven education policies.

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Under One Umbrella

Our union’s third regional leadership conference of the year, held in San Francisco, proved highly successful for a number of reasons, not least of all that we were joined by administrator organizations from Los Angeles and Milwaukee that are not currently AFSA Locals.

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Statement on the Senate Vote on Education and First Responder Jobs bill

Yesterday, our elected senators had a clear choice: vote with the best interests of children and communities in mind to create and protect hundreds of thousands of education, police officer and firefighter jobs; or vote with the best interests of millionaires in mind. Every single Republican senator chose the latter.

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