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False Special Ed. Progress Reports Found in Newark, NJ

It’s been reported that employees of the state-run administration of Newark, New Jersey public schools have falsely recorded documentation to assure the city’s special education children received services required by law. Credibility and legitimacy were raised issues about the documents produced. Special needs students in Newark School are merely victims of the state-run operation, as top officials have engaged in […]

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Union Leaders to Lawmakers: Pay Freezes, Furloughs Hit Federal Workers’ Morale

WASHINGTON –A 3-year pay freeze, unpaid furloughs, sequestration and congressionally ordered arbitrary increases in federal workers’ pension payments – with no increased payouts planned in the future – hit federal workers’ morale, top union leaders say. And that’s a problem not just for the workers and their unions, but for the country, since workers with low morale are more likely […]

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Unions, Allies Gather 2 Million Electronic Signatures VS. Obama Social Security Budget Scheme

WASHINGTON —Unionists and their allies gathered 2 million electronic signatures against Democratic President Barack Obama’s plan to reduce future cost of living increases for Social Security, a reduction unveiled in Obama’s budget blueprint for the fiscal year starting Oct. 1. At a rousing rally opposite the White House, on April 9, union leaders said members strongly oppose Obama’s plans to […]

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Union Leaders Hit Obama Budget Blueprint

WASHINGTON—Union leaders found little to like in Democratic President Barack Obama’s $3.78 trillion federal budget and spending blueprint for the fiscal year starting Oct. 1. Their big criticism was of his proposal, offered as a so-called “olive branch” to congressional Republicans, to reduce future Social Security cost-of-living increases by tying them to the so-called “chained CPI.” That’s a measure of […]

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Tell Congress to End Sequestration Now!

Tell Congress to End Sequestration Now!

Unless Congress takes immediate action, funding for education could be slashed by $2.6 billion on March 1st. This would be the largest cuts to education in our nation’s history, and could result in millions of dollars of lost revenue for your local school district.

Tell your member(s) of Congress that this is unacceptable today!

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The Time To Act Against Sequestration Is Now!

With sequestration, indiscriminate, across-the-board cuts of 8.4 percent will affect programs that support:
• Education;
• Job training;
• Public health, medical and scientific research;
• Public safety and law enforcement;
• Housing and social services;
• Infrastructure and more.

It’s time to let lawmakers know that balancing the budget requires a balanced approach—not cutting essential jobs and services alone.

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