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Contraceptive Health Care Coverage Dominates High Court Hobby Lobby Case

WASHINGTON –Contraceptive coverage under the Affordable Care Act – and whether for-profit corporations must provide it in their health insurance – dominated debate at the U.S. Supreme Court when the justices tackled the Hobby Lobby case on March 25. The issue is important to workers, since unions bargain over health insurance coverage with their employers, and a court ruling could […]

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Unite Here Backs Up Letter to Lawmakers with Detailed Criticism of ACA’s Impact on Health Plans

WASHINGTON –Unite Here, whose president, D Taylor, previously urged lawmakers to fix the Affordable Care Act’s impact on multi-employer health care plans, has backed the critique with a detailed report laying out the negative effects on plans that now, union leaders say, cover 20 million people nationwide. Predictably, Right Wing media seized on Unite Here’s analysis as yet another reason […]

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Rockefeller: Coal Mine Owners Treat Workers As ‘Property

WASHINGTON —The nation’s coal mine owners “so victimize” their workers that the workers “come as close to being property as anyone I can imagine,” a leading congressional advocate for the miners says. In remarks Oct. 1 to the National Consumers League, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W. Va., added the only worse recent treatment by owners of workers that he could think […]

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