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Advocator of Public Education Shows Her Support for President Obama

Diane Ravitch, former Assistant Secretary of Education during the administration of George H.W. Bush and longtime leader of quality education, explains her views on the presidential election and why she will vote for President Obama.

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Statement by President Diann Woodard on President Obama’s Acceptance Speech

Last night, President Barack Obama made a powerful case for his reelection this November and as educators, we applaud the president’s focus and commitment to improving education. Throughout his four years in office, he has supported record investments in education. His jobs plan will save or create up to 400,000 education jobs, and also modernize our aging schools. In the president’s words, “teachers must inspire; principals must lead; parents must instill a thirst for learning, and students, you’ve got to do the work.” We could not agree more.

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Making The Right Decision

This November, we face an important decision about the direction of our country. It is not a decision about advancing one political party over another. It is about advancing a movement of working men and women to help move America forward.

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