Supporting the Heroes of 9/11

Fourteen years later, it feels like it was yesterday that our country lost 2,987 lives in the al-Qaeda Islamic radicals’ attack on U.S. soil, as they “smashed the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon.

Time has gone by and we can all remember exactly where and what we were doing when this act of terrorism happened. However, it seems that the country “as a whole –and its political leaders in particular—have moved on, or even forgotten, the attack and its victims.”

The victims who saved lives when the Twin Towers consisted of 343 New York Fire Fighter and their priest. Even to this day, many have been lost due to the exposure of debris and toxics causing sickness and death.

The victims of 9/11 are workers, especially union workers.

There was a compensation program, the Zadroga Act, established under the Obama Administration to “pay for medical exams, treatment and lost wages for workers permanently disabled.” Many lost their lives from the exposure of the debris.

Unfortunately, the bill is set to expire at the end of September 2015. Fire Fighters rallied on Capitol Hill to “extend it and make it permanent” with the former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart on September 16.

Renewing the Zadroga Act is only a start, but we cannot stop there. It is important to support those who were heroic and risk their lives to save others, “to restore our country to the standards and values for workers” and those lives who were lost.

Never forget 9/11 and remember those who made it their mission to go into danger while others run from it.