Study finds no clear evidence that Race to the Top was successful

There’s no clear evidence that the Obama administration’s, Race to the Top, had a long-term impact on student achievement or state policy, according to a report released by the Institute for Education Sciences.

In response to the recession that began in 2007, the Obama Administration secured $100 billion for states and school districts to secure teachers’ jobs and promote innovation in schools. This funding included $4 billion for Race to the Top.

The K-12 grant encouraged states to adopt more rigorous academic standards and tests, evaluate teachers in part by how students perform on tests, foster successful environments for charter schools and turn around the lowest-performing schools.

The report measured student outcomes by looking at state-level scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress. The authors of the report state that “it is not clear whether the grants influenced the policies and practices used by states or whether they improved student outcomes.”

They suggest that readers should “use caution when interpreting the results because the findings are based on self-reported use of policies and practices.”