Strong Mutual Support Between AFL-CIO and Planned Parenthood

WASHINGTON—The AFL-CIO is providing strong support to the Planned Parenthood Federation currently in a conflict against a right wing, political slander campaign.

In turn, Planned Parenthood strongly supports organized labor, says Cecil Richards, the group’s executive director.

At the AFL-CIO’s Martin Luther King conference in D.C., the two groups restated their mutual pledges. Planned Parenthood has been under fire both among Congress’ ruling Republicans and outside D.C., for allegedly selling fetal tissue for profit.

“The AFL-CIO and all its affiliates stand beside you, are proud to stand beside you and will not leave your side,” Trumka told Richards;

“The same women I organized as garment workers and hotel workers” in Los Angeles and farm workers in Texas “are the same women who come to us” at Planned Parenthood “for health care,” Richards replied. “The same people fighting against the labor movement are fighting against Planned Parenthood” and potentially depriving those women of care.  “Just as the federal government shouldn’t be able to tell you who is in the labor movement, it shouldn’t be able to tell us where we can get health care,” Richards said.

Source: PAI