Statement on the Senate Vote on Education and First Responder Jobs bill

By AFSA President Diann Woodard

Yesterday, our elected senators had a clear choice: vote with the best interests of children and communities in mind to create and protect hundreds of thousands of education, police officer and firefighter jobs; or vote with the best interests of millionaires in mind.

Every single Republican senator chose the latter.

This critical legislation was essential to help states and localities keep their schools properly staffed, their streets safe, and to help turn around an economy that is struggling.  While Republicans  pay lip service to the need to create jobs, they instead chose to protect the interests of the wealthiest Americans and their future election prospects. This was their opportunity to do something for their fellow Americans, and instead they chose to put themselves first.

Our message is clear: investing in education is the key to our nation’s economic prosperity and security.  An overwhelming majority of Americans polled supported this legislation and understood that. Why are we, the leaders in our schools, not being heard?

The sooner we teach our elected officials to listen to those they represent, the better off we will all be.