Statement on the 2011 NAEP Reading and Mathematics Assessment

On Nov. 1, 2011, the National Assessment of Educational Progress at Grades 4 and 8 (NAEP) released their 2011 Reading and Mathematics assessment results, known as “The Nation’s Report Card.”

Diann Woodard, president of the American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA), AFL-CIO, released this statement in response to the results:

“The 2011 Nation’s Report Card in Reading and Math shows a modest increase in fourth and eighth grade math test scores. And while scores from 2009 have increased in eighth grade reading, they have remained flat at the fourth grade level. Perhaps even more discouraging is the persistent achievement gap in all areas.

“This is not entirely unexpected and is yet more evidence that a test-and-punish system of education is not the answer to increased student achievement. We must significantly increase the federal investment in public education, especially in the areas that need it the most. We must provide all educators with the training, tools and support they need in order to improve. Underserved children in low-income areas do not need a teacher who is under stress to meet an arbitrary testing goal or a principal to be fired because a school is labeled as failing. Instead, students need a stable, safe and supportive school environment to make up for what they do not have.

“While these results are sure to elicit a chorus of calls to ‘increase testing’ and ‘evaluate educators’, what is truly needed is an overhaul of NCLB and a shift to providing schools, educators and children the support they need to be the next generation of leaders.”