Statement by the American Federation of School Administrators Memorializing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Unveiling of the Monument Commemorating his Valor

AFSA is proud to support the King Center and the AFL-CIO in the official unveiling of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, keenly aware that Reverend King’s dream of social and economic justice is yet to be fully realized. We take special pride as an affiliate of the AFL-CIO, as it hosts a National Symposium on “The American Dream: Jobs and Justice” on Friday, August 26.

The National Symposium will include two moderated panels.  The first, Jobs and the American Dream, will address the need for a comprehensive jobs agenda to cope with the continuing economic crisis.  The other panel, Justice and the American Dream, will explore the divide between Dr. King’s vision for a just America and the ongoing challenges to economic and social justice.

At a time when educators, education funding, collective bargaining rights and social justice are all under attack, it is fitting that Dr. King’s contribution to America be commemorated as a lasting reminder of his vision, his profound humanity and his commitment to standing strong for justice and freedom, even at the cost of his life.  May we always stand in solidarity against the forces of injustice that he fought so valiantly.

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