St. Louis Principal Earns the Title of ABC World News Tonight “Person of the Week”

Dr. Melody Gunn, assistant principal at Buder Elementary School in St. Louis was on a mission to find out why so many students weren’t coming to school. Since taking over as principal two years ago absenteeism was an epidemic. She went door to door in her community to find out why. When she discovered it was because of dirty clothes, she sprang into action.

“Students did not have clean clothes and were feeling that they can’t come to school because my clothes aren’t clean,” said Gunn.

Gunn immediately contacted Whirlpool asking for help. They said yes. Whirlpool donated washers and dryers to the elementary school, allowing students to bring bags of laundry to be cleaned for free. After just one year, volunteers and parents washed over 2,300 loads of laundry and attendance rose to 90%. Whirlpool has since created the Care Counts program helping more than 30 schools.

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Source: ABC World News Tonight with David Muir